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Men go more and more into the operating room. According to the Chinese Society of Plastic Surgery (SCCP), there are currently between 5,000 and 6,000 male aesthetic operations each year, which has increased over the last decade. This shows that Chile is more open to this type of surgery.

When the summer approaches, concerns about the appearance of the body are known and diets, gyms or plastic surgery are becoming a topic. The most desirable procedures this season include gynecomastia. This intervention reduces one of the large male complexes: an increase in the volume of the chest area due to increased subcutaneous adipose tissue or, in some cases, the development of the small mammary gland. This condition may occur at any age and may result from hormonal changes, steroid use, inheritance, obesity or even the use of certain drugs.

Another of the most popular procedures that have become the third most popular cosmetic surgery around the world is blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. This procedure improves the appearance of the eyelids and gives the eyes more light, by temporary hospitalization for local anesthesia and sedation by an anaesthesiologist.

Plastic surgeon Claudio Thomas, president of the Chilean Society for Plastic Surgery, explained that "it is important that anyone who chooses to perform a surgical procedure of this type chooses an accredited plastic surgeon because it requires a level of training complete in plastic surgery for integral development to be an adequate diagnosis and selection of the right surgical procedure are performed, depending on each case that requires an experienced plastic surgeon. "

Despite the explosive surge introduced by men's surgery over the past decade, liposuction is 25% of the most common men's invasive treatment. This technique has been popularized because it allows the body to achieve a better outline, eliminating unjust fat that can not be reduced by diet or exercise.

In this sense, we emphasize that it is important for the specialist body to be aware of the procedures it decides to carry out is the key to understanding the procedures that can be done by focusing on the basic triangle, informed patient, surgeon certificate, and accredited clinical center.

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