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UNO celebrates the era of collaboration with Far Cry 6 in its latest DLC


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After months of waiting, Fur cries 6, The latest installment in the long-running Open World franchise, finally hit stores on October 7. To celebrate its launch, Ubisoft has teamed up with an Epic Crossover video game one, Which is clearly on the popular board game.

So the French company teamed up with Mattel UNO: Call of Yarra, A paid DLC that promises to add an extra layer of complexity to the board game and, at the same time, bring fresh air to the experience with new visual and sound waves.

Far Cry 6 irreverence came to UNO

This downloads content includes a new board med for the abandoned Yara, the legendary island where Ubisoft’s Sandbox events take place. Likewise, the atmosphere will be decorated with Cuban music and sound effects reminiscent of Dani Rojas’ adventure.

Even more importing importers, UNO: Call of Yarra Includes new special cards, which allow players to request help from some guerrillas Fur cries 6 Like Lucky Mama, Philly, Dani Rojas and Juan Cortez. Each of them offers abilities and abilities that surprisingly provide a competitive advantage.

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Of course, to use the benefits of new special cards to use is necessary to raise money, a coin that will be collected when playing. Likewise, DLC includes Guerrilla Broadcast, a random system that allows players to win or lose money, which undoubtedly adds an extra layer of tension to the game.

DLC Call of Yara It costs $ 4.99 USD and is now available for all platforms.

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one Available Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google STADIA, Luna, and PC. You will find more information about this topic if you click here.

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