Thursday , September 23 2021

Wald-de-Habibon runs with a psychiatric cancer, with radioactiveization

Sindh University of Veterinarian, Dibertoon (Barcelona) has performed first radio factories in patients Express Locally Developed The center is taking part in a centrally-funded study, yet in Step 3, which is, Experimental This study intends to collect information from all Europe to 228 patients, and then, they are in the middle. According to the Clinic Surgeon Clinic Clinic, Junk Biscelil, If the results have been confirmed, being held in 2020 or 2021, this can be the "great authority" for cancer patients who can not operate now.

As described by the Hepatobloride and Transplanation Surgery Department, Ramon Chowco, "80 percent of the patient's cancer can not be processed", and therefore, it was "treated in a random way with a pneumatoma". Currently Only 20% (one of five), Pentecost teams are operable. Charco is called for "caution" and the next three years have been waiting for the results to be verified. At this time, just Three patients This study has been attended by Wall Street, (finance by Banaa La Casa Foundation) and the Medical Team has confirmed that in the period of gymphorphy, they have felt strong, surgical interference.

Alternative choice

"This study novel is that it offers How can i do it, That is, which is unusual radio feeding, which scrolls the scrolls. This clinic test has not been able to present all the patients, but those who are stable after months of pregnancy, "he said. Elizabeth Tribe, Hepatoblipening Conservative Surgeon Service of the Weid-Di-Hibbon Hospital. Intraoperative radiofrequency has never been used in Pantyatti Cancer. "And it can not be done by any regenerologist, it can be done only in third-level centers such as Wall-Di-Hibbon," Besssellese said.

To gain intraoperative radiofrequency, one Gospel Which permits to apply to the zone in a straight line of 80 degree temperatures. Get hot sunlight sunlight and by sea death. This oil is also used in other type of techers, but has never been used in far cancer. "To use radio failure in" pencilers ", always has been considered as a threat because it is inside the body of its place and because it is near the veins and closes. This study has prevented it and it showed that it can be safely " It is told that the tie

This is the most aggressive attack from Psychic Cancer: this is the same The third reason for cancer is death And next year "Mighty", according to the third, will be secured. "There are still no initial results yet, but our belief is that in the future, this treatment will benefit."

"To spend me for six months"

On the Tuesday day press conference, he was present Maria Jose, He attended the study that is part of three patients. María Jose, Central de Saint Premieria (CAP) Manso, a retired family doctor in Barcelona, ​​realized in April that her hand was yellow. "They gave me one cc scan and some experiments, and loved me with a sine cancer 14 years ago," said Maria Jose. "I know as a doctor, I know how I knew. I know that survival is low, I gave him six months. "

In August he acquired Internal Radio Fiftyration in Debon. "This is the only way I have, then they gave me chemotherapy and correct I feel very good " The lady has finished

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