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What to do before leaving? You never have to spend your time!


Answer 12/24/2018 7:59:40CET

Madrid, December 24 (EDIZIONES) –

Everything else, has dropped us in some time, in our lives. It is very common, particularly in the lifetime of life, in the lower and in the elderly.

"There is a difference in the causes of this period. In the case of children, this may happen, for example, by removing a single button, or leaving a knot. While in the elderly they are usually due to depression in the fascism of blood pressure. In fact, blood vessels are easier to grow in the age of age, and clearly in the novel cave "A Spanish Hispanic Health Cross Health Center", Jean-Geo Heroes, describes insulus in the microscope.

From the medical point of view, it explains that it is an internal hormone which is natural through its nature. "The majority of themselves are limited, meaning that they will be kept in a few minutes. There may be a problematic problem or a heavy injury injury to the hospital that they really need to be complicated and transferred to the Emergency Department, "Get Out."

In fact he insisted on Generally, do nothing, control over the control over approximately 10 minutes. "The first aid must be, which is always pressured on blood pressure. Never give up with paper and clothIt's always up to date because there is nothing in this fact. "First aid expert said.

After giving advice to Hernesndez, after leaving the first and interfering in the face of the squeeze, how? The point is that there is no pain in the nose directly after straightforward pressure. In that case it is possible to transfer medical centers that are likely to be possible.

If there is no pain, the following is indicated The nose straight into the outer part, especially in the bloodstream over the dog, and to explicitly exhaust out, where the art starts. Its "At this time is to press you and move forward with your head." You have to press on the train, especially to avoid the feeling of hatred and hatred on your head, which may worsen the situation or the person who squeezes on his blood and produces the worst problem. He told

The doctor of Red Cross said that the doctor of a medical center or a aid center may also eliminate the novel cave, if it is necessary, but it should never be a hygiene by anyone. Just as it has emphasized on it, in 10 minutes, bleeding should be bleeded with direct pressure in the nostrils. If it is not resolved in almost all the time, then go to the Emergency Advisory Advisor.

Another risk The nutritious nestus used to cope with the fabric is the material covered, which affects the effect. To be visible "In some cases, it is a risk threat that this cotton cloth is kept in the vampire's vampire, so we are not only a spoil, but it should also be removed from a non-physical body. It means that the treatment of the vaccine is a cure that healthcare should always be.

On the other hand, and one Hema Hughri has been occupied, specially advised At least one hour, not to pull outBecause if you have not threatened that the clot will be rebuilt and blood pressure will be restored.

Existing males

Dr. Dacquaran has shown an important element of disadvantages in the major case of the case, Apart from the illness of consciousness in addition to the illness that is worse than poor or accidental, after one hundred months, after observing large animals, it appears that the bones of Khalil are not broken.

"This is in this matter A very big situation, which is likely to soon be needed 112. Moreover, the affected person is transferred as much as possible because there is a risk of doing so inadequate and in consequence, creating a spinal gel injury. They come under the hands of heroin infection, which get out of the body, or through the eyes of the eye. Here, too, do not campus, because if it is closed, the internal pressure can be increased. But they are unusual cases, "he warns.

On the other hand, Red Cross expert Understand the people who are in pharmaceutical therapies that interfere with and therefore it will increase the worst evil evolution.. "In these cases the blood will be more difficult to keep the blood, because I take medicines to stop blood stroke, and whenever hemorrhoids are hemerrhoids, this disease always needs a high demand for speed, because I have the first passion. Is in it. "He said.

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