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Original name: Hot blood sports "ping pong" boot Bai Jingting Xu Weizhou double master master lit ping pong tour

Produced by Aiqiyi, Mengmeng Media, Wuyuan Culture jointly produced, Wuyuan culture, Gong Yu as producer, Han Xiao, 500 as joint producer, Dai Ying, An Rong as main producer, Five Hundreds of directors, directors and writers Li Jia, Bai Jingting, Yu Lang, Wan Guopeng, Shen Nan and other players, Ding Zhicheng, Gao Dongping, Wang Jianxin, Xu Wei, and Yu Yankai are playing today in the bloody "Ping Pong" Sports Arena officially started in Shenzhen.

Jingzhou government leader in the beginning, Aiqiyi domestic producer of Lijiang drama, co-founder of Meng Media founder and president Han Xiao, Wuyuan cultural co-founder Ma Li Lingshan, Producer 500, director and screenwriter Li Jia, the overall system The film crew An Rong attended an opening ceremony with actors. Through a description of the ups and downs of professional table tennis players, the track shows the history of the 20-year-old great Guiping Tour and the story of an unbeatable myth about the generation of table tennis personnel.

"Ball Road Life" version of concept poster first exposure The way to championship is also the way of life

Ping Pong film and television will take the history of Chinese table tennis as a background and take two men as an entry point. He tells the story of Xu Ting (Bai Jingting) and the ambiguity of a ping-pong career that is so weak but nice. Genius of the genius table tennis player Yu Kenan (Xu Weizhou) in the ping-pong field, "narrow path meets" the blood story. On the boot day, the "Ball Road Life" version of the conceptual poster was first exposed, a partial close of the table tennis table is full of the whole picture, the worn rocket is full of practice and every bit of effort and sweat gathers in a rocket. The swinging human form seems to be a true picture of all professional table tennis players in their lives.

Guoping's glory is Guoping's spirit, which can never be defeated, rooted in the core of Ping Pong. Drama describes the story of young national table tennis players in frustration and tempering to uncover the main problems of life and shows multi-faceted youth. It also reflects the deep connotation of "ping-pong is also life, but constant perseverance can be successful."

Bai Jingting Xu Weizhou double man playing 绎 bloody sporting picture looking forward to

Bai Jingting plays the role of Xu Tan's growth player in the game, Xu Weizhou plays genius in Kenan, two "one ice and one fire", this very different figure and image of the actor's sports department and "national ping" Role of man responds.

"Ping Pong" in the game will be an example of the growth of two athletes, "Xu Tan" and "Yu Kenan", in order to accurately communicate the development of Guoping audience over the last 20 years.

This time, the producer selected 40 players who have the basics of table tennis. A group of actors has also been trained in professional ping-pong skills such as footwork and a swing before starting the machine, fine detail cutting can be the most realistic ping pong. Player life.

Ingenuity in creating "national table tennis personnel" gives up the spirit of Guoping

Director and screenwriter Li Jia built "Ping Pong" at the "Pong Man Theater" National Theater. The scriptwriter team spent two years in a script, during which interviews with thousands of professional players understood the real life of athletes. The director used professional details to show the glory and touch of development of ping-pong and guoping to people in the countryside and tried to create a brilliant scenario that can bring ping-pong life and ping-pong beliefs.

Li Jia, in his creative conception, said: "The most authentic ping-pong career is at its highest, not just a story about the game, the outcome, but also the profound interpretation of our life." Character growth, life goes on, reflection after victory and defeat, as well as the slogan of our game, the end is the game, playing is life. "

Iqiyi's self-made drama pays attention to quality. In recent years, youth investment has been obvious to all. The success of "Best of Us" and "Hello Old Time" has continually improved the youth-type scale. As the leading producer Dai Ying once said, Aiqiyi is good at interfering with the pre-production process and better combining user needs with production. This time, iQiyi and the creative team work together to restore Guiping's details with tension and smoothness. The plot creates national dramatic table tennis and strives to create a competition for young sports.

It is reported that in 2019 Aiqiyi will be running "National Table Tennis Masters" "Ping Pong" blood sports.

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