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According to the China's Satellite Network Network, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were told that "Traveler 2" became a human being to leave the solar layer and "Voice 1" entered International Space later. Purpose.

Data Map: Passenger No. 1.

According to NASA, "Voice 2" is close to the outskirts of the Ocean Goose – Hypoco on November 5. House is a large bulb around the Goler sun and the planet is dominated by solar and magnetic fields, where solar is made with a cold cold intersteller.

The message is said: & # 39; & # 39; The passenger was shipped from solar system in 2012. The goods provided by "plane 2" can get unique information about the nature of "Doors" in the infrastructured place.

"Voice 2" is currently 18 billion kilometers from Earth, and the information collected from 16 to half hours will not return to the Earth until late.

NASA pointed out that on November 5, the Voyager 2 sensor speeded rapidly in the speed of 2 solar power, and the surrounding vessel surrounding its detector has disappeared, which is the most powerful evidence that Voyager 2 is the goal of the Ohio Round 2. Out of the box Scientist believes that "Traveler 2" is now in Interstellar's Space. Line experts pointed out that "Voice 1" and "Traveler 2" have not yet been shut down.

"Voice 1" was started on September 5, 1977, and "See 2" was started on the same year 20th anniversary. Every space plan is the idea of ​​"Voice Recorders", which includes some of the representation of Earth's Civilization, which includes 55 footnote slides on Earth, as well as 55 languages ​​in nature recording, music and greetings. And the solar system is stored in the universe for 1 billion years.

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