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Premier League Transfer Transfer Number One Larger Change – Liverpool, Manchester City, Till, will be this season – Yesterday evening news news


2018-12-24 17:17:20 Source: Yangs Syria Syria News

The Premier League has transitioned the situation. The top place has been moved to Liverpool.

With the help of three military soldiers and some luck, Kristal Palace Palace team originally defeated the Manchester City Team. If Chileis 0: 2 are accepted, then "accident" crystalline missiles can directly affect the title of Sunny League League Champions at the lost destination.

After the defeat of the Crystal Mitchell, Manchester City won 14 wickets, 2 blows and 2 losses, 44 points, 15 15 posters and Liverpool 4 points in the 3 World Cup. In other words, in the next half of the season, the Minsterist City need to compete with the Leopold 2 to win more than 2 players. According to the Liverpool's Incredible Record, this season off, it is not possible that these points will be lost.

In the same time, the third number of trimmed positions, in small play, the points have reached 39 points. If the tournament conquered the athlete in the round that points reached up to 42 points and with Manchester City there were only 2 points in space. In other words, while stirring with Liverpool, Manchester may not be able to place at St Louis.

In the next round, the Manchester Stadium will challenge the leasease level on the road. In this period, Leicester was given a powerful defeat to the City Chelsea 1-0, performing the best team's lead career welcomed and got the only goal in this game. Returning to the laser station at home, if you continue to maintain the conditions that are equal to one or the same, hence the lifting of the Leafpool leaders can increase the risk against Navasilly.

10 days later, in Premier League's 21-minute round, Manchester will face the town of Lord Ropoul. The result of his "6 Counter War" will affect the title of Premier League Champions on this season. If Manchester City loses on Liverpool at home, almost none of the premises in the Premier League Championship. If the Manchester can beat the Red Army with the benefit of the house, more teams will get more potentially effective methods. Next, is the sample of Shuanglong opera mood released, or mounted on Liverpool clay, or the difference between strength is limited, we will wait and see.

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