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The news of the "actor of the actor" is the news of the evolution of the movie and television. Huang Jiangluang is very hot and hot, not out, let us know, it's horrible.


2019-02-03 16:40:56 Source: Ghost Network

In this case, the movie "Filmmaker's Role" was filmed in a film titled 'Filme Filmfare', and the actor's film was filmed carefully by the actor. Huang writes in Yulong in "mysterious medicine" in "Muscane Donations", while the Watra says: "You do not see me, you do not help me," but to help the best friends in the original process and Then to provide these changes. Beauty Gowns In this movie and television exam, Huang Yonggang has been featured very much on the comrade talent, but when he was a friend of Mitna, it was unfortunate to mislead, to get the body, his light performance, the rage, the misery and the life. Helping in Students and teachers have been convergently honored that Huang Yongg finally helped to succeed in believing male goddesses with good friends. Notterson has ruled out: "Performance is natural, it is worthy to acknowledge, hopefully he will be better and better in the future."

Even though in a new fashion, see Huang Yanang's former creators to see the audience natural and inaccessible in their ability. When he was less than 20 years old, he started a large number of children in the form of a child's star, like film and television. The first movie was starring with "Yango Boxing" with Vu Ma and Sun gateway. This is also an experience of artists, Huang Yangangang is not a stranger in the camera, naturally plays itself as a role. It is said that Huang Yulong is currently two important drama, "Bad Master", "Your Hand, Love Me", which is awaiting broadcast, let us look forward to future performance!

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