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Winter Olympic Games Love Me with Snow and Snow 2018/2019 Snow and Snow Season's Blog begins. News News Service branch


December 24, 2018 13:29 Source: China News Network

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New Zealand in December 23 (Reporters Yin Li) Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee News and propaganda department and the Beijing Office of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Football Committee, 2018/2019, and "Winter Olympic Mon May Pretched Ice and Ice" Started on 23rd and invited the Nationals to feel ice and snow, take part in ice and snow, and record a good life.

From the beginning of the Olympic Winter Olympic and Winter Parliamentary Summit, a major developmental opportunity has been launched in the snow and ice movement. The fond of participating in people's sports sports is increasing and the glow of snow and snow is shining.

"Winter Olympic Moon I Love The Snow" 2018/2019 Snowy and Snow Season Noto Photo Collection Activities invite activities to feel ice and ice, take part in ice and snow, and record a good life. . This incident will be held on December 23, 2019 to March 23 in the entire country.

In the event, 北京 2022 年 奥 (Official publishing of the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee), to publish its own pictures. The original artist can be sent to the official website of the actual [email protected]

This event will eventually choose a 40 great work, and the winners will receive the licensed Beijing Betting Olympic Games, Bad, Scarf and Sunday. In addition, to offer Beijing's prestigious Nurses to prepare organizations also to offer Beijing Olympics Frontchairs Badge. During the wonderful performance, during the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Pilot, there is also a look at enhanced activities.

To enter the final final of this issue, on March 18, 2019, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organization Committee will be announced through official wikitas and official Weibo's official website. Through the official website of the EPC Beijing Olympic Games's Organization Organization Committee, the EPP Beijing 2022 ", government public, and official speeches can get public accounts through public accounts."

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