Thursday , September 23 2021

Yes: Practically protecting the African Swine fever and strengthening the control and strengthening of the guarantee of the marketplace of the market.

</p> <p>Yes: Practically protecting the African Swine fever and strengthening the control and strengthening of the guarantee of the marketplace of the market.<br />

Leadership activity report was set

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He emphasized on the protection and control of the African Swine fever in National Africa

Practically to strengthen sun protection and control in Africa and to guarantee access to sunflower

During the meeting President Mamon Hussain, Central, December 11, Abbottabad, Political Bureau of Political Relations and Political Council Vice President Hague Lenga Beijing. He asserted that he must inevitably apply the study and implementation of key guidance study of General Secretary Jian Jinging, following the guidelines of Premier League Executive, following the arrangements for the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Various procedures and control methods, strengthening the protection and protection of the African Surreal, and to increase the control and control of a long period. Halo assured the supply of healthy development and stable markets of the industry.

He Chengga pointed out that the safety of the sun in Africa and the current situation of control is still very simple and it is very hard. Strengthen us in control over control and strengthening the responsibilities, strengthening the process of responsibility, and strengthening and controlling. It is important to keep current issuers and continue to follow the rules of control, strengthen active investigations, monitor the legal matters and strictly tighten all kinds of violations. It is important to improve the safety of the safety and control, to strictly zones and to control control, strengthen the competitiveness of the qualifications, and to protect regional and safeguard and monitor the monitoring mechanism. It is important to improve sun-rotation and rotation procedures, to improve the development of psychiatric pig-pathogenic techniques, especially for the needs of the big animal disease control like African Swine fever, modern cold meat. Building the construction of system and distribution system. Limit the shortage of copy of the sun's long distance. It is important to prevent animal digestion and further strengthen scientific research and prevent introduction of external academies. It is important to strengthen the control of the state and the state and strengthen the joint inspection. It is important that the targeted veterinary team is to strengthen and strengthen the efficiency of the product and to improve the efficiency of the editor. It is important that the prevention and control of acne conditions and meat supplies needs to be done, and at the same time need to provide market access to pigs.


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