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Alexis Henríquez would arrive at Deportivo Cali in the season 2019


5 November 2018 – 11:55


Writing El País

Central defender of veterans Alexis Henríquez will be the first strengthening of Deportivo Cali for the next season.

Although neither Deportivo Cali and much less Atlético Nacional and the player himself official news material, El País learned from the sources of approaching Henriquez that Samargo would put his log in the sugar box, the year with the greens of Antioquia.

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Despite that, the defense counselor defended his premonition after winning the Aguila against Caldas on Thursday when he said: "I have achieved Armani as the player with the most titles in the team, so I can go home safely."

Henriquez would come to reinforce the Deportivo Cali defensive zone, which has been greatly challenged in recent seasons by the continuous mistakes that stand for the parties.

Defender Samario is 35, playing seven years with Nacional, a team that has won 13 titles, including the Copa Libertadores.

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They will look for further reinforcements
Though the technician is not aware of whether continuity or not, Gerard Pelusso, at Deportivo Cali, are convinced that further challenges need to be faced in the face of 2019.

In the middle and in the attack are the positions that the sugar box will try to strengthen when it sees the limitations that it had in the current season.

Deportivo Cali farewell to 2018 without a title.

Cali plays on Sunday
Dimayor announced the programming of the last date that will define the last quotas for the quarter.

On Friday, Chico and Huila will play. On Saturday, Tolima-Patriotas, Caldas-Petrol, Equidad-América and Medellín-Envigado will be measured.

On Sunday, the key matches are at the same time: 5:30. Cali-Pasto, National Leones, Águilas-Bucaramanga, Junior-Jaguars and Millos-Santa Fe.

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