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Apple reduces the production of new phones


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As US media reports, this drop could be calculated in a third for iPhone XR.

On September 12, the technology company was Apple announced the launch of its new smartphones: iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, This Monday Wall Street Journal (WSJ), US media, showed that the impact of these devices on the market was not expected by the brand name of the Jablonec brand.

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In particular, the said newspaper reported that the production of the latest mobile phones that Apple has launched has to be reduced this week. In the case of iPhone XR, the most profitable of the new products, it was projected to reach 70 million by February 2019, but with a new adjustment of only 47 million.

"The lower-than-expected demand for Apple's new iPhone and the company's decision to offer more models has created a lot of confusion within the supply chain, and Apple has hardly predicted the number of components and phones you need" is part of the WSJ's analysis.

It should be noted that in December 2017 Bloomberg also announced a reduction in production at that time its latest release, iPhone X. The reason was the same as it was announced on the new version, lower demand compared to the expected.

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However, it is interesting to see that while the telephone units sold by the company show a decline, this behavior has no effect on their revenue and an increase since the end of 2017. This could be explained by the introduction of new products into their portfolio that goes beyond the smartphones. October 30 Apple also introduced its new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and the latest Mac Mini.

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