Tuesday , October 4 2022

Checking the construction of the Hisgaura bridge in Santander


The Adaptation Fund was announced on Tuesday before the controversy that arose from the construction the Hisgaura Bridge, in the Santander department, which would represent the disruptions they caused and kind of ripple in the structure.

"August 31, 2018, the term expired by the supplier (Sacyr) for final delivery. Interventor said the work was not delivered under agreed terms, "the unit said.

The entity stated that it was trying to provide quality work that "meets all the technical specifications and therefore waits the official statement of the auditor upon receipt or non-compliance with the contractual infrastructure following tests and analyzes that guarantee stability and quality of work. "

The entity has also stated that it will require the supplier to comply with the agreement through appropriate administrative and legal arrangements and that the arbitration tribunal is currently deciding to resolve disputes arising from the performance of the contract.

The Fund also said it expects the National Institute of Roads (Invias) to receive an auditor's report on the technical statement on the development of the work, which would be the highest bridge in South America, and would cost over 100,000 million pesos.

What does the construction company say?

The construction firm Sacyr was announced prior to the discussions that arose in the last few hours with the construction of the Hisgaura bridge on the Curos-Málaga (Santander) route, which would represent disturbances that caused the structure to ripple.

"The safety and stability of the Hisgaura Bridge is absolutely guaranteed and can be put into operation. The structural verification processes that were created during its completion and completion show that the structure is completely reliable, stable, safe and capable of delivering the service for which it was designed , "said Sacyr.

According to the company, these verification processes begin by performing a load test on a bridge with a cable switch. In addition, it is also envisaged to install a structure to remove the visual irregularity represented by the bridge.

"The visual irregularity represented by the bridge, which in no way affects its strength and stability, will be eliminated by installing a metal lining or skirt, a common element in this type of bridge." Sacyr is able to initiate the load test once it has the appropriate approval and approval " the company said.

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