Friday , May 27 2022

Experts don’t see any point in trading with Bitcoin on ELTFs


Important facts:
  • In the short term, Bitcoin can be a good idea for future contracts.

  • It is better to buy BTC and buy custody.

Bitcoin wants to be owned and protected by bitcoin (BTC), and does not rely on the medium to express itself financially in this cryptocurrency, something that is based on investment funds (ETFs) in this cryptocurrency. Do not allow.

Raul Paul, Recognized investor, identified a ۾ Interview This is why an investment in futures futures agreements on BTC contradicts consumer preferences to protect their currency.

As BTC is a digital and easily capitalized asset, Paul believes that an ETF makes sense on this cryptocurrency, as it does with products like oil and gas, which can be stored, transported or protected. Difficult to do

More precisely, Paul explains that mutual funds will earn a fortune from mediating BTC pricing and future contracts. Investors are suggesting this It is much better to buy BTC on a exchange and keep the assets longer*

You can actually exchange and buy BTC, exchange and voice pay a commission today. You have self-monitoring and no one else is involved. With these investment vehicles, anyone who mediates their commission, ETF gets their commission, attorneys, administrators and auditors … they are not part of your investment!

Raul Paul, businessman and investor.

“If the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) really cares about investors, they really won’t allow these futures contracts. For things that are useful, you can not store them, but there is no excuse for Bitcoin, “he said.

An intelligent investor: If this is not your key, it is not your key

In response, entrepreneurs and popularizers bitcoiner Preston presents He claims that I agree with Paul’s comments.

“If you’re lazy and don’t work to understand the things you have, then your buying power will be worse than the person who worked hard,” he said.

For his part, economist Lyn Alden, Explained briefly in a toilet The person who is expressing himself in the future contract is not the same as owning the property.

“ETFs for commodity commodities on futures are the centric units for short-term investments, but they are not too salient for those who have a strong sentiment on the underlying sentiment,” he said.

As has been ripe by CriptoNoticias, it was known yesterday that the SEC had approved the first investment fund at BTC, l, after days of expectations that it might have made cryptocurrency value.

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