Sunday , May 22 2022

Joe Perry was hospitalized after fainting after a concert


Guitarist Aerosmith was relocated to a hospital emergency room in New York (USA) for a faint road on the Madison Square Garden dressing room.

Joe Perry at the concert.Archive / Daniel Álvarez / Shock

Joe Perry, guitarist Aerosmith, was taken from Emergency to a hospital in New York (USA), Mon on the way to the dressing room in Madison Square Garden, where he was hosted at the concert as a guest artist Billy Joel,

Joe Perry completed Joel's escort on "Walk this way"and has collapsed on the way to the cloakroom, says the TMZ entertainment portal.

He adds that medical emergency workers helped a 68-year-old musician in the cloakroom for about 40 minutes and was intubated to breathe better and was then taken to a hospital in Manhattan.

"Joe did not look good"TMZ says when quoting a witness who was in the dressing room.

The portal also suggests that Billy Joel did not see an emergency situation because he was still on stage when everything happened.

The status of the guitarist is unknown.

In 2016, Perry suffered a heart attack during a Hollywood Vampires show in New York.

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