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Turkish soap opera is undoubtedly one of Beloved’s most beloved actors Kendra Cindoruk, A 41-year-old artist who received wide recognition for his outstanding performances. “Woman“, Where he is known to the serpent (the man of Bihar) and the” unbeliever “, Vulcan Arslan (the man of Asia). His works borders his name across the border and today he is in Latin Latin America and Spain.

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Also known as altruism George Clooney Turkey, The actor debuted with the production in 2007 ”Black sun“, Where he found an important role. In addition to his work on the Today screen, Kenner has appeared in films and directed four theaters since 1999.

Cindoruk is the son of a famous author Victory Doruk, Which won major literary awards TurkeyGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Green, the patron saint of Kenner and his two twin sons, is the promoter of the promoter’s career, who also devotes himself to acting. In these lines, outline who the brothers of the Ottoman Star are and who they have seen in the productions.

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on the "Woman", Actor Ken Sandrock Serp, plays Spring man, whom they think is dead (Photo: Mead Yapam / MF Yapam)
In “The Woman”, actress Ken Sandrock plays the role of syrup, the husband of Bihar, whom they thought was dead (Photo: Mead Yapam / MF Yapam)

Who is Kendrick Syndicate Air?

Athanas’s younger brothers are Brothers Brothers Air, known as Munir Ken Sandork and Tanner Sandork, who also have a technical streak.

Tanner Syndicate

is one of the ores Taner Cindoruk, An eminent 40-year-old poet who has also participated in some productions. He made his debut in 2009 with the novel “Butterfly” And one of his latest series “ﺎ ﺎ ç”, He released 2021. In November 2011 Tanner published the book “There is no end to the faith”, Which translates into Spanish, means “children have no end in faith in Earn.”

Taner Cindoruk publicó el libro “There is no end to faith in ief” (2011: Vote: Taner Cindoruk)
Taner Cindoruk publicó el libro “There is no end to faith in ief” (2011: Vote: Taner Cindoruk)

Munir Sandorik can

The tribe is today Thank you Sigandorik, A 31 year old who was trained Istanbul University. His known heroes are works of preservation “School Teresi” (2021), “The Day of Black Horse” (2022) y “Ankara Summer Farewell Letter” (2016)General Chat Chat Lounge According to his social networks, the actor’s passion is to be a passionate photographer; his profile includes over 100 pictures where his brothers, Air and nature are his main inspiration.

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Miner-Ken Sandorc's Three Brothers in Iron (from the Today) (Photo: Munir-Ken Sandorck / Instagram)
Miner-Ken Sandorc is present at Three Brothers Arena (W): Photo

Vic images of BR Iron on Instagram

AN is in Kendra Syndicate?

After his important role ”Woman“, Kendra Cindoruk He participated in series such as “Zammi” (2020), where he played Ertan Demirkan, and “Sadakatsiz” (2020), where he gave life to Vulcan Arslan.

But he is not the only character he has played throughout his career. In 2008 he joined the cast of the series “Yaprak Dika” where he gave life to Dr. Nazima. In 2016, he joined the main cast of the season “Mahitam Yazel Qasim”, where he played the role of peacemaker Mustafa Pasha, a close circle member and friend of Sultan Murad (Metin Akdülger).

By the hand, the media’s first concern Kendra Cindoruk It was with Ebru Özkan, with whom his relationship ended in February 2014. Then, he was associated with G relatedkçe brave, in 2017 he started a relationship with Farah Zenip Abdullah, his partner ”Brilliant Century: Cosme“, And in July 2019 he started meeting Selene Sekriki, but their romance ended in September of that year.

The Turkish actress has become a trend in social networks, for example, she already has over 500,000 followers on Instagram, which she usually encounters with Hollywood star: George Clooney.

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