Sunday , May 22 2022

President Duque does not exclude the idea of ​​the constitutional assembly proposed by Macias. | UNIVERSAL


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Following the new political controversy launched by Senate President Ernesto Macias Tovar on Sunday, he called for the establishment of a national assembly that could be prepared by the key reforms needed by the country, President Ivan Duke of Paris, France excluded it, although he hoped that if legislative agenda reached in Congress.

Macias says he does not see that until the end of December 16, reforms such as politics and justice that are just starting next week in the House of Representatives can be approved at ordinary sessions.

Mayo wrote in a Twitter message this Sunday: "It is certainly not possible to hold a Congress, a real justice or policy reform, or to adjust the Havana deal, and the pressures of the Cortes and other interests prevent it." The President must not exclude a constituent assembly meeting.

When he answered in Paris on this issue, Duque said that "I work institutionally with the Colombian Congress, they know that I introduced a project that is very important for drug abduction and trafficking to stop crimes connected with the future politically and that Colombians once and I forever refuse these practices, I am delighted that this project is going forward, we have put forward a reform package that allows us to fight corruption, some move faster, others less, I hope the Congress speeds up this process of projects and I hope the Congress guarantees, that peace is being built in Colombia by justice, truth and remedy, not by repetition, in this sense we are working in an institutional way and will continue to expect a good result for the Colombians. "

Asked if he was seeing the voter as an election, Duque merely replied that "I insist that we are working on institutional channels and that this channel is a Congress, and I hope we will continue to respect the relationship with Congress, and I hope the Congress with that responsibility, you can work on these initiatives further.

In the week that ended when the judiciary was approved at the Senate plenary session, Justice Minister Gloria Maria Borrero argued that if this change had collapsed, President Duque could consider it because the main task must meet the reform but ran with many matches parties, especially the conservative.

This constitutional assembly proposal is one of the controversial ideas proposed by Macias just two weeks ago that President Iván Duque should remain in the government for another year, as part of a constitutional amendment that seeks to unite the times of national and regional leaders .

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