Friday , May 27 2022

Social wolf vector Musika found dead in eastern Kelly


And the social status of the east Kelly had disappeared 4 days ago In the boundaries of the Mojica and Navarro neighbors, Blu Radio detailed.

“It was always a community, a Social average That he did not deserve it and it surprises us. The city of Kelly boasts a great garden from Cinated and we did not expect it; We have worked for the regional development of communities and have nothing to offer, “Andreas Valencia, one of the slain man’s companions, told the station.

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Musikaera, who actively participated in the national strike, Join the Dialogue Table with Klay’s mayor’s office To address the issues that can help young people in the hard-hit areas of Valle del Coca, add this station. (See also: 484 Social leaders’ violence and threats against trees are almost identical to the 2020’s: report).

“We call the authorities, this is simply an area that has been completely abandoned and they claim to be the lifeblood of a person who was .J. He went with us to social epidemic because he was from the area, he moved us because now they are To kill structure in “, added Valencia, in this radio station.

For their part, authorities in the area, cited Carcal Radio, elaborated that the 33-year-old man He was found unconscious in a hole that had been brought to limestone, In a rural area of ​​eastern Raleigh.

Apparently the body was initially found by People who traveled in the sector And they were frightened because of the high smell, there, the station said.

جي police officer De Kelly said that the investigative activities that the media are underway to determine were the true cause of Smile’s death and Who would commit a crimeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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