Wednesday , August 17 2022

The Rendon family wants to supply Real Cartagena to the governor


Through declarations, the directors of the heroic team made official interest. I hope to create a competition team in 2019.

Real Cartagena President Rodrigo Alejandro Rendón Ruiz issued a letter in response to Governor Bolivar Dumk Turbay Paza's statement last week in returning to the leadership of the team as in 2005 when he was a sports manager and repeated the successful business management model of a Cartagena business corporation led to the nationwide riders this season under the technical leadership of Hernán Dario Herrera.

"We as a club do not have the necessary economic resources to build that dream of a team that gives us more opportunities to get a promotion, but you have it before many businesspeople and city and department leaders who are trying to do something to achieve the goal," Rendon Ruiz wrote in a public statement issued yesterday.

Bolivaren's top deputy, however, stressed: "It would be necessary to see under what real conditions the Rendon family want to pass on the administrative part of the team, what are the debts of the institution, how the economic transfers that Dimayor club will, how long they will be willing to pass the team and what happens a group of entrepreneurs who would arrive if eventual promotion was achieved. "

Turbay added that "it is still premature to provide answers without knowing the minimum conditions of everything because the statement will not touch on a few points of interest to the community and Cartagena that would come to restore the credibility of Real.I can say that as Bolivarans I would like Fans need their team in "A" because Cartagena and Bolívar are elite, here is one of the best squares in Colombia. Everyone wanted to see Real in "A", but the owners also need to know what they want. to show they also want to see their team in the big football of Colombia, "said EL HERALDO Turbay Paz.

As for the performance that Rendon and Garcés would play if they were granted a cesa, they say that "we will continue to be independent of the leadership that this company does with professional staff and continue to work with small campus divisions and continue our economic club restructuring plan (before company control) ".

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