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This actor will be Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody"


Sacha Baron Cohen The actor seemed to be playing Freddie MercuryIt is physically perfectly suited to 2010, he announced that he should give life to the singer QueenThe actor has been associated with the project for years, but creative differences with the rest of the band led him to leave the film, which was at the time of the director Stephen Frears

Frears also left the project and the film was finally made Bryan Singer behind cameras and Rami Malek incarnating Mercury. It is clear that the film that came to the cinemas is far from what Cohen wanted to do since then He wanted to influence some of the most remarkable moments in a singer's life, as Frears points out:

"Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to make a scandalous film, especially as regards his homosexuality, and Sacha loved it when it comes to endless naked scenes."

It is understandable that the actor would like to pay attention to this important point of life of Mercury and to him "Bohemian Rhapsody" barely touching, which is considered one of the film's weaknesses because they want the product to be more oriented towards the family audience.

Frears also says that he has seen all the time between Cohen's vision and others Queen "You've always known that with the other bands they would have problems because Sacha was very scandalous and were not, they were much more conventional," Frears admits.

The director also pointed out "It was Freddie Biopic more than the history of the band, although part of the structure dealt with the highs and the lowest groups but always from Freddie's point of view", In the background it sounds like Cohen wanted a movie about the singer Queen, while the rest of the group wanted to lighten details that could damage their image and have a greater presence "Bohemian Rhapsody".

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In fact, the actor himself revealed in an interview Howard Stern in 2016 a member Queen – Who did not want to say who – wanted physical disappearance Freddie Mercury half the shot should take place, and then the film would continue to tell the story of the band. Fortunately, it did not end, because it would be a big mistake, as Cohen himself emphasized:

"No one will see a movie where the protagonist loses his life due to the acquired immune deficiency syndrome and you will continue to see the band."

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More about Sach Baron Cohen

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen was born in 2004 London October 13, 1971. He is a British actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer. Baron Cohen created and portrayed fictional figures Ali G, Borat Sagdijev, Bruno, and Admiral General Aladeen, Just like his idol Peter Sellers, accepts for its characters a variety of accents and costumes and rarely reveals itself from nature.

In most of their routines, Baron Cohen's characters interact with unsuspecting documentary people who do not realize they are ready for comedic situations and self-knowledge. His other work includes a voice King Julius XIII in the movie series Madagascar (2005-2012) and his appearance in Sweeney Todd: Barber of Fleet Street Demon (2007), Hugo (2011) and Les Misérables (2012),

She made an actress as a lecturer BBC News in Anchorman 2: Legend Continues (2013), In 2016 English football crazy brother MI6 spy played in comedy film The Grimsby Brothers, and they co-operated like Time in the fantasy of the sequel Alice through the viewIn 2018 he created and starred Cohen Who is America? for Showtime, his first television project ever since Yes Ali G Show,

Baron Cohen was named Best breakthrough artist in British comedies since 1999 from 11 hour exhibition, and has since received two BAFTA Awards from Da Ali G Show, several nominations for Emmy, nomination for Academy Award for Script Writing a a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his work in the film Borat

After the release Borat, Baron Cohen said that because the public was too familiar with the characters, it would pull away Borat and Ali GSimilarly, after starting Bruno, Baron Cohen said he would also revoke the title character.

In 2012 he received British Comedy Awards, Award for Outstanding Achievement, when accepting the prize when it repeats its character Ali G, He received in 2013 BAFTA Award Charlie Chaplin Award Britannia for Outstanding Comedy,

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