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This is how different types of physical activity affect the heart’s fitness


Madrid, 17 October (European Press) –

A new study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston University (USA) offers new insights into how different types of physical activity affect heart rate fitness.

The research, published in the scientific journal ‘European Heart Journal’, analyzed cardio-respiratory fitness, suggesting that the ability of the heart and the body to deliver oxygen to the body’s muscles during physical activity was reported in 2,070 participants in the ‘Framingham Heart Study’. , Is a longitudinal multidisciplinary study designed to identify the factors that contribute to heart disease.

One of the surprising findings of the study was that people who were on average daily steps or had moderate to severe physical activity had an average level of physical fitness, regardless of how long they were standing. General Chat Chat Lounge

The study’s first author, Dr. Mathew Neuer, says: “This would show that the much more negative impact that sedentary lifestyle has on fitness can be eliminated with higher levels of activity and exercise.

At work, participants were tested for physiological parameters during exercise and for a week to wear physical activity trackers, at one point, and for almost eight years after age.

In this analysis, researchers found that people who increase their daily steps, participate in moderate to moderate physical activity, or reduce their sedation time between sedan exams, over time. Also shows improvement in different parts of cardiorespiratory fitness. From warm-up to peak-to-peak exercise and recovery. These results were most consistent regardless of the participants’ basic activity levels, age, sex, weight, and risk of heart disease.

Moderate to moderate for every minute of average physical activity, it can be median of 3 minutes to mediate walking or 14.6 minutes to achieve equal changes in physical fitness over a short period of time.

In addition, moderate-to-vigorous vigorous physical activity lasted 17 minutes a day, 4,312 steps a day (approximately 54 minutes 80 steps per minute), or reduced standby time to 249 minutes between 9 trials. 5%. One hundred and more VO2 and max, or maximum oxygen oxygen.

Individuals who were more or less than the average number of measures or average to moderate to moderately strong physical activity were also among the participants in the study who had an average VO2 and max, irrespective of how often they were exposed during the day. General Chat Chat Lounge

“We analyzed whether the relative effects of switching from sedentary activities to low-level physical activity, and moderate-to-vigorous exercise activity over multiple domains such as cardiopulmonary exercise were reasonably measured. Through the test. Much of the time spent on sedentary, walking, or moderate to vigorous exercise will lead to changes in the ability to exercise, resulting in the long-term predictor of long-term health status, “says author of the work” Lewis explained.

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