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Video: Russian team recording first movie in space as they land



October 17, 2021 12:13 GMT

After landing on the Suez MS-18 spacecraft, crew members were received by the rest of the crew as the space feature continued shooting.

After shooting the 40-minute film at the International Space Station (ISS), actress Yulia Percival and director Klim Chephenko continued shooting scenes for their film “Vysov” (“Challenge”, in Russian), as it did this Sunday. Get on board. Soyuz MS-18 nder y.

Along with Russian astronaut Oleg Natsuki, Russian actresses and filmmakers arrive near the Kazakh city of Zuzczagan, where they were welcomed by the actor. Vladimir Mashikov And to continue shooting for the feature film by the rest of the film crew, which will release in 2022.

In the film, Muskov, 57, plays the role of chief designer, a man who “takes responsibility” to perform the mission of saving the life of an astronaut. The Beaconver arrived at Cosmodrome before the film crew left for ISS before finalizing the film preparation.

Videos: This is the historic return of the first film crew in space after spending 12 days on the ISS

Shipwrecked by the spacecraft, Pearceland, plays the role of a doctor who travels to the ISS, Muskov participated in the recording of some scenes with the filmGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The actress, who is in good health, admitted that she feels hurt about leaving an orbital platform.

“I feel a little sad. Because it was like 12 days is a long time, but when everything was coming to an end, I don’t want to say goodbye anymore, “Percefeld admitted. “Just because it is obvious that this It just gives a happen euro“, Sorry.

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