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7 Things You Did not Know About The Actor Who Performed Freddie Mercury at the Bohemian Rhapsody


7 November 2018 19:50

Two Sami

Malek has an identical twin brother, Sami, who is very similar to him. Sami even exchanged a role in a high school drama test. Thanks to Sami Rami, he did the test. He is younger for four minutes and is a teacher.

Sister doctor

Rami's older sister, Yasmine, is a recognized doctor. Yasmine oversees their "small" brothers and encourages them very much in their careers.

Parents from Egypt

Although Rami was born in California, his parents came from Egypt. Exotic roots certainly will not deny you. His father carried tourists to Cairo and his mum worked as an accountant.

He went to high school with celebrities

Rami went to high school in Notre Dame High School, California. His classmates were, for example, actresses Rachel Bilson or Kirsten Dunst.

Actor beginnings

Everybody has to start somewhere, and so Rami has gone through small roles in serials and films. He played for example in Gilmor's Girls, Night at the Museum by Adam Sandler, or in the fourth sequel to The Twilight Saga, featuring a vampire with the ability to control the elements.

Emmy Awards

In 2016, Malek won two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, according to critics in the series Mr. Robot. He was nominated for a total of seven awards.

Sexual orientation

Though it is widely speculated that he is gay, Malek seems to be playing with Bohemian Rhapsody's acting actor Lucy Boynton. She in the film portrayed Mercury's long love Mary. Although he does not talk much about their relationship publicly, they do not even cover him.

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