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Asus is experiencing. The creators love Smart Mode, OLED absolutely everyone – Živě.cz

Asus is still one of the companies that do not note کان experience in notebook. Different types of display in touchpad or over the keyboard, now is the time to control the computer.

This R-in rotary knob on the keyboard

New range of computers for creative professionals Studio Book 16 a Studio Book Pro 16 This one of the keyboards incorporates a rotary knob and adds touchpad, which can act as a graphics tablet for stylus.

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Asus ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED

Asus has already tested with your drivers on the in-display Zenbook Duo, where you can display controllable display controls and assign your actions to them. However, the new circular controller is not so limited proprietary, it uses the technology and drivers that Microsoft has already invented for its surface dial.

How Asus Dial Works:

Therefore, software developers do not need to develop support for a peripheral device in a laptop, but similarly they may be a universal solution for many devices. Currently Asus Dial Get support for Adobe Creative Suite, but with compatibility with Microsoft Surface Dial, support will expand.

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You can press or rotate with the Asus Dial haptic response and select Suggested Actions and Controls in Settings. As you don’t have to use the touch screen all the time, but once in a while you will know how useful it is, Asus Dial will probably enter your workflow. But only after you’re seated on a laptop without a rotary knob, you’ll know how much you really need it.

In addition to Asus Dial, graphic designers also certainly welcome the fact that the touchpad level can also be used as a graphics tablet. Drawing on a touchpad without a mouse is complicated, but here you need to pick the stylus you need and you’ll be more accurate and reliable than the mouse.

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But the traditional equipment of a studio book is also worth the yank. Versions called Pro are different, primarily in graphics cards, with versions in Intel and processors.

Pro Art Studio Book 16 OLED Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 OLED
Models H5600 H7600 W5600 W7600
Processor Resin to 950000HX až Core i9 11900H Resin to 950000HX až Xeon W-11955M
Graphics Up to RTX 3070 Up to RTX 3060 Nvidia RTX A2000 Nvidia RTX A5000

Connections include HDMI 2.1 for latest TVs or SD Express card reader reading up to 985 MB / s. In the case of Intel version, of course, USB-C on Thunderbolt is missing. There are slot slots for M.2 SSD and memory slots for memory (up to 64 GB).

OLED Finishes offer a variety of new 16 “16:10 3840 × 2400 OLEDs with 550 nut brightness, 100 DC DCI-P3 coverage, Delta E <2 deviation and Pantone and Calman certification. The same size offers the classic display at the same size 120Hz 2560 × 1600 IPS panel with a brightness of 500 nut, also 100 DC DCI-P3 and Delta E <1.5.

Less than 1.5kg including RTX 3050 Ti

It has been introduced with the new StudioBook VivoBook Pro 14X a VivoBook Pro 16XGeneral Chat Chat Lounge You also get a rotary knob, but the rear as an Asus Dialpad – a touch pad on which the r circles are illuminated, and you get a rotary knob performance on the touch pad section. Poor Vivobook Pro 14 “ a 15 The touchpad turns on numeric keypad, as we know it from other Asus laptops.

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Hide the Vivobook Pro 14X and 16X Asus Dialpad in touchpad. Today the smaller 14X does not have a numeric keypad, but offers the same color-edged keyboard.

But Vivobook Pro also has other unit features. The version weighs less than 1.5kg in body with a 14-inch display – a powerful Y-powered H-type processor for Intel or AMD and a graphics card Nvidia RTX 3050 (for Intel and AMD processors) or RTX 3050 Ti (for AMD processors only). .A cheaper version with integrated and integrated graphics.

You can identify the bottom of the display with the name number, but it will always be OLED. All in all, with a 16:10 speed ratio, the Vivobook Pro 15 has FullHD OLED 16: 9 with a snap ratio.

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Vivobook Pro 14 and Vivobook Pro 15

OLED wherever you look

But the new ways of control are not the modernity of Ras and Asos, I would say that even today is not very important. At the moment, Asus is announcing a range of widely distributed OLED panels in their notebooks.

Until now, we only had pan panels to choose from – 4K / FullHD 15.6 “and FullHD 13.3”. Comes 16 “with a speed ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of 3840 × 2400 or 1480. 2880 × 1800. Thanks to the lightness of the 550 res. 400 rivets will be comfortable to use in a better environment. Asus boasts factory calibration. Extensive DCI-P3 color space for accurate colors and OLED pixel in ression detection technologies.

With OLED panels you can now: Studiobook Pro 16, Studiobook 16, Vivobook Pro 16X, Vivobook Pro 14X, Vivobook Pro 15, Vivobook Pro 14, Zenbook Pro Duo 15, Zenbook 14X, Zenbook 14 Flip, ExpertBook B5 and ExpertBook B5 Flip. An external 13 ”OLED monitor ZenScreen OLED MQ13AH will also be included.

Which impressed us a lot

Looking at the treasured load of Asus news, the Vivobook Pro 14 and 14X makes me very attractive. I really don’t need a rotary knob and I like the low weight with the best equipment. More importantly, don’t expect right tracking performance from RTX 3050 or 3050Ti graphics. That would probably be better than CUDA, but the graphics in the game depend mainly on DLSS support.

The Studio Notebook is intended for the most demanding professional professionals, for whom equipment and reliability are more important than the low purchase price. The StudioBook Pro in particular will easily go up to CZK over 100,000.

But Asus has not published any price yet. Laptops cost three to seven thousand when compared to an IPS version when using OLED panels, new OLEDs have a higher quality, not lower prices, so OLED laptops do not reduce costs. But again, Vivobooks are traditionally one of the cheapest laptops to offer, so we’ll see how the new Vivobooks Pro will do with the OLED screen. And because these OLED panels are made by Samsung not for Asus and Asus, they will definitely appear in other notebooks.

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