Friday , September 30 2022

Europe decimates infections. Antibiotics do not kill, tens of thousands of people die


In its analysis, ECDC found that the consequences of diseases that cause resistant bacteria have worsened since 2007. In particular, cases where the infection is resistant to the strongest antibiotics such as carbapenems, known as "last resort" antibiotics, are particularly worrying.

"It's … it's disturbing because these antibiotics are the last treatment options," ECDC said in a statement. "If these drugs are no longer effective, it will be extremely difficult or in many cases impossible to cure," the Center added.

Health professionals estimate that about 70 percent of bacteria that can cause infections are resistant to antibiotics that are commonly used to treat these infections. The development of bacteria that are resistant to one or more drugs is one of the greatest threats currently faced by medicine.

In its report, ECDC focused on five types of infections that cause resistant bacteria in the EU and the European Economic Area. According to its results, 75 percent of people are infected with these bacterial infections in hospitals or clinics.

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