Friday , May 27 2022

Football Online: Civic A Spool. Attack on the record! West Ham are fighting in Everton


Sunday’s program features a round of English Premier League rounds between Everton and West Ham United. If the Hammers score at least one point, they will follow the 2009 record in a series of unplayed outdoor key matches in a row. Tomáš Souček is again in the basic Hammers lineup, with Vladimir Kaufel unable to start the match due to injuries. Watch the match online at from 15:00.

Home Everton enters the New Year very similar to the English Top Contest. The th team in the table has a balance of four and only one loss. Although they host strong Hammers in the home, their mutual balance clearly falls in favor of the home team. Everton managed to defeat West Ham in 27 cases and scored a total of 87 goals.

The London team has not been doing very well in the last days. He suffered two losses in the last three rounds. However, the balance of outdoor outdoor matches is still favorable. If the Hammers did not lose, they would be equal to the record of 2009, when they were able to score in consecutive outdoor key matches.

This match is of particular importance to West Ham coaches. As a coach, David Moyes spent a beautiful 11 ​​years at Everton Bench in 2002-2013. It was his first engagement in the Premier League.

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