Wednesday , August 17 2022

London – Crypto-Banking Association Establishes Karel Fillner –


In London, in the past days, BACCA – Crypto-banking association. The Crypto-Banking Association will aim to defend the interests of its members and the entire crypto-banking industry at international level. Its president is the Czech personality of the crypto scene Karel Fillner.

Conducting will be physically active from Prague, which is an advantage for all Czech entities that have joined or are joining this dynamically growing sector.

Thanks to modern technology and blockchain, the world of classic banks and the world of digital currencies are now connected. The financing of companies and the future of money thus come to a whole new stage. Due to the lack of legal framework and regulation of cryptosoftness, it faces up to 90% of project failures, it is obvious that new rules and laws are needed. It is precisely in this that the new association has, in particular, helped companies that deal with this subject.

Karel Fillner

"BACCA is a voluntary, nonprofit association in the field of crypto-banking and crypto-finance. Its purpose and purpose is to represent, advocate, advocate and protect at national and international level the interests of members in contact and in dealing with governmental and non-governmental organizations and in connection with the development of legal regulations, technical standards and standards, " says Fillner.

The CryptoMoney Banking Association is emerging at a time when the world of money and business finance are changing in the digital environment, and business digitization is now at its peak. BACCA will help classify and certify service providers in accordance with valid legislation, create and improve the reputation of crypto-banking and crypto finance in relation to the general public, representatives of the economic and political life of the state, increase the level and reputation of the field at national and international level and strive to create appropriate external economic conditions to develop the competitiveness of crypto-banking and crypt-finance.

Another mission of the association will be the gathering of information and experience, their analysis
and subsequently made available to members. "The Association will also investigate legal, business and other relationships between crypto-banking and crypto-financial service providers, their clients, agents and other intermediaries. We will also strive to ensure their transparency and correctness, " adds Fillner.

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