Thursday , April 15 2021

Sony will close its old game studio. Make games that the West didn’t want – Doupě.cz

Yesterday VCC Magazine came up with the surprising ته اڻ…… That Sony closes the Japan studio, its oldest gaming team that has been running since 1993. In the end, Sony confirmed the good news. Japan Studio is a month old, opening on April 1st, 2021.

Only the isobi division survives. Sony wants to continue building on the successful Austro brand, so in the future we can expect more specs like Astro’s Playroom, which has now served to showcase the potential of new consoles and peripherals in particular.

In the past, Japan Studios has also helped publish or directly develop third-party studio games. This activity will be terminated. All external production, title localization and IP management will be handled directly, covering PlayStation Studio, all Sony development teams.

It’s sad that inside Sony it was really hot in the past. Although the parent company is Japanese, the gaming division of Sony Interactive Entertainment is based in the United States and has an American boss (Jim Ryan). There was increasing pressure on global (or rather western) players to create games for the fighters, as Japanese games are “different” and do not sell very well. The collapse of Japan Studios may indicate that the SIE gives commercial success priority over technical purposes.

The Japan studio is behind the series Lokaku, Nose or Asi Escape. Other teams in Tokyo’s headquarters include, in addition to Asobi, the series was Serene and Gravity Rush or Aiko (later Jane Design), which is responsible for Aiko, Klaus’ Shadow or, most recently, The Guardian. The last mentioned game has received very good reviews by critics, but it only sells about one million copies, which is not enough to feature the game’s content.

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