Sunday , August 14 2022

Spam Karel Gott is in the hospital. Lkai put him in quarantine People


PRAGUE Acknowledgment Karel Gott is hospitalized at the General Faculty Hospital in Karlovy Vary for respiratory infection. There was a danger that he could have a problem in the spinal cord or the lungs, and threatened the life of the sword.

Lkai and Gotta decided to stay in hospital for a while, when they cleaned him out and diagnosed the dchacch paths. The clog for Immune Immune Immediately moved to quarantine. PanGott is hospitalized, I confirm in Monday the details of the Aha! speak to Aneta Stolzov. It is not yet clear how long he will stay in the hospital.

Karel Gott performed in Sv
In the history of the popularity survey, which

Gott's management made a mockery of his performances, including the Plzeň concert, and the end of the day. During the hospitalization, Zlatý celebrated the celebration of the 90th birthday of his colleague Yvetta Simonov. Instead he sent a bouquet and congratulations.

In 2015, they told Karel Gott to diagnose illnesses of the diseased nodes. He spoke on oncological lure and ruled his program. After est chemotherapy, the disappearance of the drug completely disappeared.

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