Sunday , August 14 2022

The new beginning is good. We have gone a long way, says Captain Dockal


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"We had been in a situation where we did not want to. We perceived that the football public does not like where the Czech peasant is moving, "Dočkal said.

After three wins in four games and improved performance, everything seemed to turn.
Each of these matches, whether it was League of Nations or preparation in Poland, we felt very important. We knew that every victory, every good performance, would move us on our way. We knew it would be important to keep a standard that we set up.

Against Slovakia, did you succeed?
Maybe just the beginning, the first twenty minutes, was not what we imagined from our side. On the pitch, however, we quickly agreed on the need for something to change, to put pressure on our opponents to make more trouble in the start and to make their key creative players not so easy to play balloons.

It happened, the opponent had no goal.
I'm especially glad that it took us until the end of the game. In our previous exercises sometimes passages have occurred, when we have gotten too deep and the opponent has put pressure.

The second victory over the Slovaks has kept you in the League of Nations group and you will be in the second basket for the forthcoming Euro2020 qualification. Does it add value to the result?
Keeping on the path we are going through was, in my view, more important than the League of Nations. Sure, we knew we needed to get a good result to stay in the group we were in. From that point of view it was a bit like a qualifying match, because both teams did give everything, it was necessary to play the game tactically, not to make mistakes. It was a lot of play.

And you did it.
Overall, the two months we've been through were good. We met strong opponents and struggled with them. This can only help us in the future, perhaps even to the start of that qualification.

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