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The organizers of the Big Motorcycle Awards sue the ministry for a low subsidy


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The Grand Prix, which founded the city of Brno together with the South Moravian Region, ended August's losses of 30 million crowns.

The blame is mainly a hundred-dollar fee, which is needed by the promotional company Dorna to pay just for the best motorcycle racers of the world to come to Brno at all.

The association claimed the hundred million from the state, but it received only 39 million. "First of all, I will ask how they have reached the number of 39 million in the ministry because the subsidy allocation method is clear and we think we should get at least 70 million last year," the Mayor of Brno Petr Vokřál (ANO) was annoyed.

Finally, according to Czech Radio, Brno decided to file an action with the Municipal Court in Prague, in which it opposed the Ministry of Education's decision to reduce the subsidy.

"It's really a totally chaotic and totally subjective assessment by some of the officials who say, for example, that we will have higher earnings from an entry fee of 10 million than last year, which I do not know where they came from, and that reality shows that it is not, "Said Vokrál for Czech Radio.

According to the Ministry, the request was inconsistent

According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Education, Aneta Lednová, the resort is by far the most money from all sports events in the Czech Republic.

According to her, this year's subsidies have been reduced due to several discrepancies in the application.

"For example, the association did not say that it received 10 million from the city of Brno and another 20 million from the South Moravian region. The application also contained unusually low estimates of commercial revenue from the event, but, for example, there is also a lack of relevant revenue from parking or rental stalls, "explains Radio Lednová.

Finances for motor racing have been threatened for years in Brno. The last time a total of 187,000 spectators arrived in Masaryk's circuit for three days.

He wondered why the state would have to register for the so-called enrollment fee for a long time. "We do not want anything more, and we do not even need it. That is the only way we can start negotiating with Dorna about the extension of the contract. We can cover the other things from the admission, "said Victor.

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