Thursday , September 23 2021

A hole inside a hole .. A picture of a first stone specimen from Mars

NASA’s latest space probe on Mars has been successful in collecting rock samples since returning last month to Earth, after a failed attempt last month.

Adam Stelzner, Chief Engineer of Provenance, described the model as a report. “I’ve never been happy to see a hole in a rock,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

But a month later, the solid was softened, and appeared and did not enter the titanium tube.

Prob Travel Mile Travels In an attempt to model a better go-to. Team members analyze the data and pictures before they succeed.

In February, on a steadily sloping path to the Jezrero Crater, believed to be home to a lush lake bed and a river delta billions of years old, a stone-seeking villa may have evidence of ancient life.

NASA intends to launch a spacecraft to transport the samples collected by personnel to the sand.

Engineers expect to return thirty to thirty samples in about a decade.

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