Tuesday , October 4 2022

Basic information about خالد سليم في عيد ميلاده


On Tuesday, Khaled Salim celebrates his 43rd birthday.

In the following lines,The dawn of art"9 About this.

1. Khalid Mohammed Salim was born on November 6, 1975 in Kuwait.

2 – lived in Kuwait until graduating from high school.

4. He was known for concerts in the opera house in Cairo and Alexandria and was awarded the best vote for 2000 at "Stars 2000" in the Nile Channel for Various.

5 – Good singing in many dialects of Arabic and gave several successful albums, including: "No night and no day" and "Gayeb me".

6 – turned to the representation and participated in the championship of a number of films, including: "First Year Monument," and "Day of Love", and "Special Operations."

7. Khaled Selim served as a journalist in 2005, where he wrote in his novel "Laughing for the World".

8 – Participation in successful series, including: "Time" and "Mountain Halal" and Mamoun and his partners.

9 – Marry a woman from an art center called charity and having a baby.

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