Thursday , April 15 2021

“Conflict with Nursing” … Neal Anbar talks about Yusuf Shaban’s health condition

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Actress Nehal Anbar confirmed that he had contacted the physician treating Artist Yusuf Shaban at Aghazah Hospital a few days ago and assured him of his health, and it was reported that he had a good previous degree, and there was no truth to this. No loss of consciousness, as published.

“This is the situation from yesterday,” added Nehal, in specific statements to “al-Masri al-Mutt.” “He was taken to Venture on 11th Ave on the evening of the first degree, just to support and assist him in breathing, and all body functions are working properly.

And she continued: “Praise be to Allah, He did not lose consciousness and consciousness; The medical team doesn’t know how the condition can develop, and what? They are convinced that it may be better and worse, this situation is in Corona.

He added, “Our Lord is with him, Insha’Allah to remedy this crisis.”

Artist Joseph Shaban was infected with the Corona virus a few days ago and is currently undergoing treatment at Ajuza Hospital.

It is well-known that Yusuf Shaban had recently returned from the Lebanese capital city of Beirut, where he accompanied his heroes, artist Mustafa Shaban and Amar Saad, Rania Yousef, Amar Abdul Jalil, in their series “Horn Nest” Eliminates filming of scenes. Yasmin Rai, and wrote the workshop under the supervision of Abir Suleiman, directed by Ahmad Khaled Mousavi.

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