Wednesday , August 17 2022

Creation of a gang for allegations of copper cable theft from Helwan Cement Company


Security Services, managed to steer the creation of stolen neurotic cables
Copper from the cement plant in Helwan.

Helwan police station received a request from Raed Abu al-Arefa,
Mabdi Mohamed Sen 44 The head of Helwan Cement's legal affairs is Al-Hariri
Kafr El Alou Department of Imbaba Giza's Department and Citizen, Disclosing the theft of a number of electrical cables
Copper from society is established and no one has been charged or suspected of committing a crime.

Investigation and collection of information and camera checks
At the scene of the incident, it was possible to find out that behind them: Bilal Makram Juma Salem, 28, unemployed
A resident of Ibrahim Saleh Kafr El Alo, Eid Mohamed Mohamed Gad al-Haq, of 51 unemployed and resident streets
Omar ibn al-Khattab Kafr al-Alu, Amr Saad Abu Saif Jouda Age 31 Unemployed and Resident Sadat Street,
And Mohammed Mohsen Jabr Mohammed at the age of 21 unemployed and resident Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street.

Codification of procedures and preparation of necessary ambiguities in places of their frequency
Officers of the Unit of Investigation Unit and accompanied by attendant capture forces when they were in their first residence
They have the following seizures: a firearm, a 12 mm cartridge, and a caliber
", Voice of Tabenga and the number of 3 shots, 30 meters of copper cables weighing 200 kg,
Number of 2 large scissors.

In confrontation with information and investigation, they supported and admitted them
Climbing and holding a firearm and sound for defense and raising sums
They knew of the attacks and accused them of theft.

The necessary records will be released and the public prosecutor's office will investigate,
Their discussion of further incidents continued to develop.

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