Thursday , October 6 2022

FilGoal | News | Feller’s assistant reveals his departure from the Divine … and the return of Divine Truth


David Siesta, Ah the assistant coach in the technical staff of Al-Ahly, Ryan Weiler, provided the reason for the Swiss coach’s exit from the team.

And David Siesa said in a statement to Egyptian Channel One: “As you know, the Egyptian League has many stops without matches, and that was a major reason for Feller’s departure.

He added, “Apart from the dire consequences of repeated shutdowns, it was difficult for him to keep working.”

Siza follows, “It is not true that al-Ahli recently contacted Ryan Feller. His focus currently is on being in Europe and seeing a large number of matches, and he is confident he will find a team in which he will find himself.

He continued, “It is not true that Alhali contacted me recently to be with them. From time to time with it. “

Seza completed, “I still have a strong relationship with the Al Nahili players. The relationships were special, the team was professional, and the environment was reportable.”

David Siesa worked with the assistant coach for the Aloha club during the past season with Ryan Wilder, before the technical staff team was left after winning the Egyptian League title, and entering the African Champions semi-finals. A League.

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