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In order for the cars in the valleys of the new valley to pass through the outer city … Masrawy


Ask New Valley cars to drive through Al-Kharga to make people easier


Wednesday 07.11.2018

New Valley – Mohammed Al-Barisi:

Major General Zamlout, governor of the New Valley, on Wednesday organized an extended meeting at General Diwan's Conference Hall in Kharga to discuss mechanisms to facilitate citizens and maximize the benefits of the new situation.

The governor stressed that all cars working on new valleys (administrative offices and resorts) must pass through the city until the new situation and on Thursday allow the Dakhla Taxi Center in front of the university city to bring and facilitate students.

The Governor also pointed to the speed of completion of all services and trades in a new position, lighting the Sabt route – positioning and landscaping, providing security services on a continuous basis, and providing 4 stands on a temporary basis and various activities until completion of the construction of the stores, a public auction and providing a way to maintain the public purity of the situation, the speed of starting the establishment of a tourist corridor as a sales outlet for people in the control area.

As explained by the governor, the coordination to provide two buses different times to work in the valley section – Assiut, to facilitate the citizens, the operation of 4 cars belonging to the province and the Association of passenger transport for the transfer of citizens and the determination of the route from "Marwa district through the popular arena to the new position, "highlighting Place a sign on it to clarify the route.

He also highlighted the expansion of a number of service cars that operate in line with the new situation, a 50-pound rental increase, the operation of the child at the time of leaving school, work to serve, the transfer of students, and the admission and working of vehicles working with teachers on community lines.

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