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"Manawashi" is not the first … crisis and criticism of "Afichat" in previous years


"Manawashi" is not the first … crisis and criticism of "Afichat" in previous years

"Manawishi" is not the first .. Crisis and criticism of "Afhikat" of previous years The network of knights, quoting the homeland that we give you "Manawashi" is not the first .. Crisis and criticism of "Afichat" of previous years, "Manawashi" «Afichat« Previous years we publish our visitors New News Today through our knights network and start with news, the most significant "Manawashi" is not the first .. Crisis and criticism «Afichat» previous years.

Al-Forsan Network The "poster" discussion was not the 40th session of the Cairo Film Festival "Whirlwind in the Cup", which took time, and then went for at least for its designer Ahmed Manawishi, who announced his rejection of the final poster appearance after it appeared during conference. And he described it as "the ultimate melancholy" as well as "work that does not meet the level of original design." The Festival Administration introduced changes to Manawishi's design without calling on it and ignored the stormy event presented by the original designer "Avish". "There is no crisis for the poster on our side," said producer Mohammad Hafsa, director of the festival, for the Forsan network.

In 2000, during the reign of artist Hussein Fahmy, sculptor Joseph Francis sparked a crisis after the festival administration withdrew from the deal he had over Buster Ziti after surpassing the required work surprised by surprise by replacing the images with different fillers and different from visions who had then discussed with the festival's president so that the picture appeared in the picture the girl closed her eyes and held her head and under the film with several pictures of the stars.

The 35th session, which was proposed by the late cartoonist Mustafa Hussain after the January 25 revolution, also dominated the black color some called "lacking imagination and incompatibility with the first post-revolution cycle". The poster of the 37th Session, which carved the image of the later artist, Faten Hamamy, was dominated by blue. He was described as "technically poor and devoid of creativity", except that he chose a modest image of the trip, despite the availability of many pictures to lead "Avish".

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