Wednesday , October 5 2022

"Ryanair" separates 6 of its employees due to the image "fake"


Ryanair separates 6 of its employees due to a "fake" image

The Ryanair low-cost airline split six of its employees because of the idea that they were sleeping on the crew floor at the airport and confirmed that the image was made to support a "false claim".

The company said on Wednesday an e-mail message that six workers working in port in Portugal were released from jobs on Monday, "for breach of contract due to gross misconduct."

The company said the group had posted a false picture in support of a false claim that they were forced to sleep on the ground.

He believed that such behavior "damaged the reputation of the employer and caused a distortion of irreparable trust".

After the image appeared last month on social networking sites, the company sent a camcorder from a security camera in a room that showed people wearing official uniforms sitting on chairs before some of them were lying on the ground to take a photo .

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