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Schizophrenia acts as a Trojan horse and carries cancer treatment for lethal brain tumors


Shyam cells act as Trojans and transmit cancer treatment to lethal brain tumors Saqr News, claiming that I believe we publish cells that act like Troy Trojan and cancer treatment, deadly brain tumors, olfactory cells acting as Trojan horses, and treating cancer in lethal brain tumors . Reports today through our news site and start with the most important news, Shame cells work as Trojans and carry cancer treatment for deadly brain tumors.

Scientists have found that cells that regenerate olfactory neurons can be genetically engineered to provide antitumor therapy for lethal brain tumors called glioblastoma.

Because there is a special type of cell that has the ability to regenerate olfactory neurons that can be genetically modified to provide anticancer treatment for serious brain tumors.

In a study, scientists used the olfactory cell model to provide anticancer agent only for tumor cells and observed how the tumor size was reduced and the survival time of the mouse model was extended.

(Glioblastoma): The most aggressive and malignant type of cancer in the brain, despite intense and concentrated treatment of these surgical tumors, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but is often repeated, resulting in a survival of almost five years in less than 10% of cases.

Ocular epithelial cells are present in the nose throughout the life of all mammals, including humans, can migrate from the nasal cavity to inflammatory sites and have the ability to act as a Trojan horse when they provide killer treatment of cells that have the ability to cross the brain barrier.

Ocular neurons are cells in the nasal cavity that are sensitized to the brain and transmit nerve signals to the brain and have the ability to regenerate, which is seldom in the nervous system. The newly created neurons in the nasopharyngeal cavity point to the olfactory bulb itself into the brain.

Cells (OECs) surround the newly formed axon and help to reconstruct it by ingesting remnants and remains of dead and damaged cells. This unique regeneration of neurotransmitters has led to the study of its ability to treat spinal cord injuries, degenerative neural disorders and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

As a result of direct contact between the nasal cavity and the brain, nasal drug delivery was studied as a means of crossing the blood-brain barrier.

(OEC) have the ability to migrate to the brain and attract inflammatory molecules, including molecules that are separated from cancer cells that have all been studied to treat this malignancy.

Firstly, cells (OEC) labeled in the nasal cavity of a mouse model previously injected with human gliomas should not only migrate to injected tumor cells, but trace cells that initiated the tumor and hit nearby brain tissue.

The research team has created these cells to express integrated protein (CU) that converts nontoxic product (5-FC) into lethal cell chemotherapy.

After confirming laboratory work on the ability of these cells to perform this work by presenting cells (OECs) expressing (CU) or (M & E) the nasal cavity of mice after a week of brain tumor injection in mice.

After seven days of cell injection, both groups of animals received a daily dose of 5-FC for a further seven days. Two weeks later, we observed that mice receiving genetically modified OCEs had smaller tumors at the site of injection, just as tumor cells die more than in the control group.

They also observed that only OCE (5-FC) treatment resulted in a longer survival rate in tumor-injected mice and treated nothing.

From our findings, we infer that OECs expressing the CU through their natural brain pathway are targeting brain tumors. 5-FC is converted to 5-FU, the drug at the tumor site, Tumor acting (the effect of the surrounding human).

Due to the large attrition of these cells to tumor cell inflammatory agents, we believe that these cells can be used as a therapeutic tool against the various types of brain cancer and tumors found in other parts of the body that scientists are researching today.

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