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Security shark reveals details of circulating sex videos of two women .. and


04:03 p.m.

Sunday 17 October 2021

Books – Ala Imran:

The Home Ministry’s security services, in collaboration with the Sharkia Security Directorate, have been promoting the circulation of unethical videos in the Kubi area through the WhatsApp application.

Security Services monitored the circulation of several video clips through a “WhatsApp” application, in the village of Abu Kabir Police Station Department in al-Sharqiya, with a man involved in an immoral act with a woman. General Chat Chat Lounge Circulation of a video or video of a video in which she is appearing in an immoral image and contrary to public morals.

Upon examination, the security services of the Sharkia Security Directorate were able to identify the suspect in the video clip described above (a resident of Abu Kabir police station), and found the woman referred to in the video clip. Is, is living. The address is the “relative of the accused” at the same address. video or video (resident in same area).

After legalizing the procedure, the house-girl-seller was arrested, and during their discussion, the homeowners were first accused of filming them, if they did it without their immorality and spreading the village. Video Spreads in People, and Sales. Decided that there was a relationship between him and someone on the social network, and he filmed a clip of her own video and sent this video to her on the promise of marrying her, but She was surprised to find this video published without her.

Legal steps have been taken, and efforts are underway to ensure that the first respondent is arrested.

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