Tuesday , January 18 2022

Report on Sexual Violence, Freedom Report on the US Commission


Senior Officers have been abducted in the African Union Council
The sexually abused teenage lawyer, a raped report has been reported
Came down

A special committee was formed by the USC Chairman in May
Mossiqui Fukki also appears to accuse the accused immediately
Big corruption and minorities' incidents.

High level
The head of the committee was attended by the special representative of the AU for women, peace and security
Benita Depp says that young men are also female volunteer and the internet
Sexual violence has been done.

Most of the work stations get away from the stations during the sexual intercourse with the victims of the "supervisor" of the victims.

Yes, Hashmi will damage this degree
On account of their unauthorized accounting exploitation, "read its part
Release report on thirty days.

USC ISABAB is based on the African Union commander in Ethiopia.

The policy does not have a DIL-ILL team's sexual assault against sexual abuse
Uses and lawyers' use in the USC are usually up to the existence of Voice.

Department Staff, who is self-employed & # 39; Door Career & # 39; As a muscular position, young people are determined to perform their trust.
Women who are presented are identified
Depending on the voice, "read the report.

Military commissioner
Sexual abuse charges were presented against the investigation
In addition to the completion of its commission, anonymous letter is commissioned
After that, in March 2017, the pledge to save from being saved from the end of the year.

During inspection, all the jobs in the HLL include 88 officers including senior officers and junior staff including Inquiry Insulin.

It has claimed that these cases are not known
Because of the oppression of being oppressed, because sexual abuse is not
Policy in the Commission, "read the report.

"So, no
Dedicated, effective sampling and protection mechanisms
Victim or player Regardless, young women
In exchange for a job, exploitation is exploited. "

Senior men and women's staff are also scared, unhappy with junior employees and are severely affected.

The doctor
At the same time, NAC is giving sexual intercourse with the NAC to strengthen its zero tolerance policy
Strike a comprehensive guideline for victims and protection protection
The punishment is strictly guilty.

Some Simple Graphics
In its result, the fake leadership has paid a payment according to the restriction of the commission
These services have not been provided and the officers are able to abide by spending costs
For goods and autonomous crops.

The Commission will also be interested in interest in interest in Natotism and it is also in the interest of providing suppliers to the satisfaction of satisfaction.

The result is that human resources are involved in the disadvantages and illegal situations
Business in the Staff Staff, Staff Staff, Management
Regarding young volunteers and the internet, and have permanent balance coat
Implementing Regulation Regulation Regulations, "Report

Other goods expenses are underway
Returns that should be in a limited way, short list
Applicants, gender discrimination, promotion, transfer and jobs in novels
Job Field Job.

An inquiry team has recommended
The review of the leadership of the AUC will take review, investigations of employees in terms of termination
Representing their capability and gender.

"Life Testing
It may be possible to identify any of the trains displayed
Unprofessional income _ Introduction to a suitable way
Regarding the interest of shopping and management of human resources
The condition for appointment ", team recommended.

Their investigations
The team said to establish an internal committee to ensure the fact that it was fake
Recommendations are fully implemented in budgets to improve the commission.

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