Thursday , June 17 2021

Still ahead of Edison Cavani at Manchester United

Last September, 33-year-old Edison Cavani’s arrival in Old Trafford surprised himself with the club.

Manchester United were delighted to recognize that this was purely an experimental and opportunistic signature. The Uruguayans were not on their target list.

It was a calculated risk, signing a player who had not played for nearly six months since the final game for Paris Saint-Germain in March 2020, football was stopped and much of the world went into lockdown.

Here was some ridiculous echo of United’s signature of another well-known Hurricanes Rathmill Falkaway, which arrived in August 2014 on Deadline Day. He returned to Columbia with just four goals in his signature 29 games.

But United manager Olivia Gunner Soleskaja knows what is going to be a global fighter and why Kovani is going to be a dangerous figure.

For the first seven months, Cavani revealed an enormous amount of speculation, most notably his two goals in a 3-2 comeback win over Southampton and his victory against Everton in the quarter-finals of the League Cup at Gadsden Park.

But there were also some issues; Cavani was struggling with his fitness, taking ningales he couldn’t shift, and on some occasions he decided he wasn’t fit enough to play when joint coaches cleared him.

There were more problems on the field when he felt ready for a three-match ban by the Football Association after he posted two goals on Southampton, after posting an unwanted word on social media.

He lived in Manchester during the severe winter break, and in the harsh winter weather, he was without his family. Without going out for sports and training, he was unable to find his new home.

While Cavani was enjoying playing United, he also wished to go back to South America, and it is my understanding, at the end of March he informed United he would not be staying at Old Trafford outside this season.

Her father, Louis, gave an interview that appeared on March 9, which at the time offered some insight into Cavani’s thinking.

“My son doesn’t feel comfortable in England and wants to be home again,” said the Cavani senior. Edison is going to play in South America … he was always enthralled with the possibility of playing in Boca … By the middle of the year he will be back in South America. My son’s idea is not to continue here, he wants to come back.

But two months later, Cavani’s behavior has changed completely and this week he signed a one-year contract to stay at Old Trafford next season.

Cavani’s scheme of form, in which he has scored half of his last eight games during April and May, has helped convince him to stay in England.

He started to feel overwhelmed in comparison to the United League that has reached the Europa League final and is positioned as the Premier League’s second best team.

This upward movement over the forward line and inside the peninsula has allowed United to move around their best season since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.

He wants to see Cavanie United, a Fable one from Paris and Naples, and the club is expected to continue this form next season when he enjoys the previous season he was rejected last year.

“He comes in every day, he does everything right,” Soulskijer said. “The boys will look at him. This gives us the No. 9 position. I don’t know how many games we will get from him, but he is currently one of the best No. 9 in the world.

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