Wednesday , October 5 2022

Collapse of a building in the center of Charleville-Mézières


A small three-apartment building collapsed on Wednesday evening in Charleville-Mezieres. For the time being, no victims are convicted and the causes of the incident are still uncertain.

The three-apartment building collapsed Wednesday night in the center of Charleville-Mezieres. "There were no sacrifices, it is certain," the Ardennes prefecture said. Around 18:05, emergency services were alerted to the danger of a building collapse before collapsing around 19:20, firefighters said, confirming newspaper information Union ,

"We saved the lady using the ladder in the building," they added. About fifty firefighters were present at the scene. "Neighboring buildings have been evacuated and about fifty people are in a safe restaurant in Charleville," firefighters said, adding that the accident took place on Bourbon Street, near the famous square.

Open investigation

According to the prefecture, the building was located near the clothing store under construction. According to Charleville-Mézières Lauren De Caigny, "there are several old buildings or old buildings in the street, some of which are empty and convicted." "There would be no sacrifices, so I asked for an investigation to begin to determine the conditions of the collapse of this building and, in particular, to know if there is a life threatening (inhabitants) Added Prosecutor.

The Charleville-Mézières police station is in charge of the investigation. Collapse occurred when two buildings collapsed in the center of Marseille on Monday and killed at least six people. Chance of the calendar Charleville-Mezieres welcomed this decentralized ministerial council.

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