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Fabrice Luchini is running from words


Criticism – The film carries a comedian in love with French and Leïl Bekhti. This is the only asset of the new creation by Hervé Mimran, who saw too much.

Note that this feature has little to do with Paul Morand's homonymous novel, which was screened in 1977 by director Edouard Molinar and Alain Delon in the lead role. And for good reason, it's inspired by the life of Christiano Streif, the chief executive of Peugeot Citroën, who will be stroking in the morning of May 2008. The Chief Executive even drew a book from his three-year struggles to free himself from his hystect after the stroke.

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Co – solver with Géraldine Nakache of Everything that glitters and My York, Hervé Mimran adapted this book, I was in a hurry, published this year.

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With the help of Hélène Fillières (voluntary), the director tells the story of septuagenarian Alain (Fabrice Luchini), a businessman who lives at full speed. Before the fall and these speech therapy sessions recover memory and talk again. Mimran rewrote the role of a comic in the love of words.

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Fabrice Luchini approves it of the celebrity celebrations, and Leila Bekhti, with whom the filmmaker has fired twice, is comfortable under the blink of energetic speech. Mimran, but he distilled a lot of good feelings and flooded him in his plot.

In addition to Alain's disability and reconstruction, which also teaches eloquence, he deals with father-daughter, identity, inheritance, unemployment and grafting, even an unnecessary love story. When loading a ship, it sinks.

A person in a hurry, drama Hervé Mimran

with: Fabrice Luchini, Leila Bekhti, Rebecca Marder, Igor Gotesman

duration: 1 h 40

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