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In the face of old cars, the government is considering several options


Posted Sunday, October 17, 2021 at 1:20 pm.

Fuel prices have been on the rise in France for several weeks. An arrow that causes the rising stream.

To respond to these criticisms, the government is expected to take new measures in the coming days, such as gas and electricity prices.

When uel reindeer, in french it was noticed that the bill was expensive and expensive expensive. And this, for the longest weeks. Prices at the pump are on the rise and, among the French, frustration is mounting. For example, on Monday, October 11, the price of a liter of diesel reached a record amount: 1.53 euros.

The government has said that it is looking into the matter. He must announce that in the coming days the plans should illuminate the French bill to some extent. Especially since the prices at the pump are not rising: electricity, gas … energy prices are the same.

The president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, reacted to these concerns. He assures that he does not “Don’t underestimate what French represents” And this is the government “Dynamic”General Chat Chat Lounge At the green, he explains the explanation “Forcing those costs to try diplomatic action”General Chat Chat Lounge

fuel inspection?

One of the ideas considered by the government is the implementation of the fuel test, the energy check on the same model. As Capital points out, this will help lower-income households who are helping fuel rising rising prices. A measurement whose quantity and duration remain to be determined.

CNews reports that owners who own their vehicles can benefit from it. A device device called “Transport Assistant” was introduced in the Hٽسtes de France where residents had to meet certain criteria to receive 20 euros monthly assistance, such as at least once a month on CDI or CDD. Its distance. His home and his place of work are at least 20 kilometers away.

Modify taxation

A relative of Matignon’s Capital states that tax cuts generally do not appear to be on the agenda, but simply because “The benefit to the nurse is the benefit of the family who travels in the SUV at the end of the week.”General Chat Chat Lounge

France Blue explains, for its part, that the executive will have one of the other yen tracks, all the same or the tax cut. This will especially target people who travel by car from car to car, because the longer they drive, the more realistic they will announce real costs. On the other hand, as the media reminds us, it only concerns the families who are already paying income tax, not the usual, non-taxable home.

Currently, the executive does not take a specific strategy. But he has already made some strong decisions recently. Due to the rise in gas and electricity prices, he specifically decided to set up a tariff shield, after already announcing a boost for energy check benefits.

An important issue during the election period

The government is expected to turn to the question of how prices for pumps and energy prices can be answered. The stain is not without consequences, months and months before the presidential election of 2022, and while many French people believe that their purchasing power has been deteriorating for almost years, at the end of the health crisis. The anger is already happening. The yellow vests are also operated, timidly, to make a sensible return to the fringes of France. Saturday N, R, October 16, they staged demonstrations exclusively in Montpellier (Herald), reporting Liberation, but also near some roundabouts in the Pyrenees-Orientals, according to France Blue.

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