Thursday , May 26 2022

Kamara catches on and leaps up against Hake


And OM keeps pushing!

There was a new wave in the process in the Lorentine area, but Gendozzi’s shot was fired by the defender. Another great match in Talent League!

Come on!

He had made the first steroid attack after entering the stadium and Nardi had ushed it aside. Ball returns to the axis, Peet leaves and Kamara finds the error this time around. 1-1, with the minute ڏ They’re having their hair loss on the Laurent Goal!

Julur is not on the score sheet

Sorry for the om, which really should be due to their incredible technical gestures.

Deora sends a renewed vigil to Marseille defense

Lorient striker wasn’t eligible for the game, but it does take a while to get in the right direction at a closed angle. Pierce can come back, and counter his strike that draws closer to Lopez’s goal.

Millik is not the frame of his head!

Peet’s free kick service was flawless, but he couldn’t quite pull the pole ball and passed it back. OM is not late.


Very calm today step by step and counter report responsive balance when running Lopes. And -1!

The conviction was confirmed via video

The suspect may also be concerned about Kamara’s hair loss, at the start of the action taken by Lorient.

Penalty for the crime!

Stefan Deere plays with one of the plays in the box and Luann Perez brings his tights and cheeses. The referee did not hesitate!

Malik wrists his wrists

Blow today when falling during a period. It should be fine for Poland to be No. 9 in Poland.

Play goes on Nordic!

First big chance of this match. De La Fuenne hits and serves the abdomen, which passes over the leg and fires at a tight angle. The guard of the Merleys interrupts.

Laurienté voices his test

Monconduit had sent her a long balloon. The match should look like this: an actuated Lorient boulder, and arrows immediately to achieve depth.

let’s go !

Cook the balance in direct contact with Lorient.

The Taipei family gives a fake kick-off

And especially Hugo, Bernard’s great-grandson.

“We Are The Champion” was performed on violin

A tribute to a quiet Velodrome, which once again Yero reminds himself of his boss.

Players enter the arena

Up to the sound of the jump and, especially, a magnificent typhoon that represents Bernard Taipei’s “Boss Eternity”.

“The boss of eternity”

In turn a large tarpaulin has been deployed. Many messages arrive in Bernard Taupe’s glory room for glory.

Players return to the corner rooms

This is the warm-up water. No team players return to the Euro Locker Room one last time. Get started in less than ten minutes.

Moffi is finally not in the Eleventh Lorient

A change also on the Merlus side: Moffi tested himself out of the match and was replaced by Stefan Diarra.

“Thank you tappy, thank you tappy”

Velodrome is hot and gives voice to its former president.

An animated speech written by fan groups

Leaders of the South winners read speeches on the microphone, signed by groups of OM groups. Animated text pays tribute to Bernard Taipei. He was hit with a round of ammunition.

“Bernard, thank you for your proud return to Marseille”

OM Ultras Bernard Tapie brought a banner to the attention: “Thank you for smiling Marseille”.

Seliba is finally the holder, Louis Henrique on the bench

There was an error in the OM configuration announced for a few moments. The match representatives made a mistake when the players’ names were entered. William Saliba is finally the holder in defense, Louis Henry is on the bench.

Longoria rejoiced to see the appeal of Pivot and the country undeniably

Pablo Longoria, president of OM, on Amazon Prime Video: Divine: “After the fourteen breakthroughs and our defeat at Lilly (2-0), this is still important. This is an overview for us. Seeing Peet and the country together, we haven’t had a chance since last season. We need to get our technical leaders involved.

OM Viewer. Lens

OM can do a great job in the standings if they win against Lorient. If they win, N, Marseilles will come back to point 1 behind the lens, the current runner-up of PSG. Lost in San Juan or Montpellier (1-0).

For the greatness of the song Tapi

Already in many turns, OM supporters sing to greet the memory of the “bass”.

Marseille players pay tribute to Taipei with a black T-shirt

Dimitri Peet and her partner enter the lawn of Willemstadt to start the warm-up, with a black T-shirt on which the face of Bernard Taupe appears.

The heel of Lorient

Eleven of Lorraine: Nardi – Silva, Jeans, LaPorte, Mendez – Le Goff – Arbuckle, Le Fay, Monkdonite – Moffie, Laurenti.

The heel of OM

Our De Lee: Lopez – Lerola, Calita Carr, Luann Paris – Louis Henriquez, Kamara, Gondozzi, Rongiere, Pat, De La Fuente – Country.

Bellardy, Seliba, Gershwin, the fencing are on the bench.

Om is aiming for the podium thanks to his pair

In the event of a victory Sunday against Loreient on Sunday, Marseille will climb to the third JClim in Ligue 1. The runner-up spot behind PSG will also be available against Les Merles and then in a late match against Nice.

To give a last-minute injury, the Peat-Country couple should still be edited on Velodrome’s lawn.

Velodrome is already on timetype

More than an hour before the start, Bernard Taupi’s pictures are displayed on the stadium’s big screen

A great portrait of hanging on the lawn

Starting at 8:45 am, a lively tribute will be paid by Vélodrome to Bernard Taipei, whose portrait has already been shown on the lawn.

Velodrome’s last goodbye to Bernard Taipei

Bernard Taupe, who died in early October, has already received a tremendous tribute from the people of Marseille. But OM hasn’t played yet in the house since being a Boss.

The “Old Guard” supporters secure a lasting goodbye to their former president.

Hello everyone

Don’t miss the match between OM and Lorient Sunday night from 8:45 pm on the RMC Sports website and live comment on the app.

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