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Macron’s Samuel Petty pays homage to the McFly and Carlito photos show before the tribute

Emmanuel Macron is the target of criticism this Thursday, after his video for the start of the school year. In it, the head of state pays tribute to the assassinated professor last year, shortly after showing the image of two comedic actors YouTube.

Broadcasting the presidential message for the beginning of the academic year was not everyone’s choice. In a video today posted on social networks on Thursday, Emmanuel Macron wants to address French students, students and teachers at the start of the class as they wish for a “startup.”

But in front of the camera recorded in Marseille in this video, Emmanuel Macron briefly shows a portrait of star YouTube star Mick Macfly and Carlito to inspire young people to be vaccinated and respect the barriers. Then a few seconds later, the head of state said it was “a special idea” for Samuel Petty, the teacher whose head was cut off after showing a picture of Mohammed to his students at the Wall de Owais in October 2020.

The presentation of this photo was in fact a response to the condition launched by The YouTube on May last, at the occasion of a video shot installment in The Lacey. comedian Emmanuel Macron had pledged to show a portrait of them during his speech on July 14th.

A combination of genres that are considered “marital”

“I have a special idea for Samuel Petty’s parents and friends,” he says at the end of a short video. “No one has forgotten” this tragedy, which “reminds us of how beautiful the teaching profession is at the heart of the nation, the agreement of our children Ern and us for safety,” he added.

A combination of genres that disagree, on the network, within the Associated World as in the political class. “I rarely comment on the contacts of the President of the Republic, but pay tribute to Samuel Petty for wishing us a return, while taking a picture of Macfly and Carlito in hand, I find it brutal.” “, For example Jean-Rémi Girard reacted on Twitter, President of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges (SNALC).

Many right-wing and elected officials of the very least elected “dishonestly” consider, in the same video, a tribute to President Samuel Petty and a photo of YouTube.

Pay tribute to the late Professor Samuel Petty, who has been assassinated by Islamism, while exposing the image of Puan Katun from YouTube as a condition of a student at the school: words of disapproval and dishonor. Have failed to qualify this level, “Marine Le Pen reacted. National rally On Twitter, Before adding: “The teachers deserve a sincere and respectful return to this day of schooling, the work they do in increasingly difficult situations. Samuel Petty is on everyone’s mind”.

At his height, the macaron depicts Samuel Petty with a picture of Macfly and Carlito. That’s a devastating moment! “, Deputy LR Eric Quiette wrote for his part, while Senator LR Valerie Boyer criticized” immorality “. same time “.

At the end of the video, Emmanuel Macron addresses the students who feel “a little overwhelmed on the start of the school year.” “I hope this problem goes away overnight. Good luck, ”he said.

Samuel Petty, 47, was killed October 16 at a Confucian-Saint-Onorin (Yvelines) college in his college by a young Chechen refugee named Abdul Lakh Anzorov, who is accused of showing his students the image of Mohammed. General Chat Chat Lounge

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