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Pierre Niney Muscle Fireman in "Save or Perish"


CINEMA – Christiane Bale's talent was already known to have won or lost dozens of pounds in a few weeks, but Pierre Niney seemed to follow the same example to enter the skin of his new character for the movie "Save or perish" on November 28.

On Monday, November 19th, Instagram introduced muscle mass. Increase in weight needed to incarnate Franc, the firefighter of the city of Paris. The change is remarkable for Pierre Niney, somewhat slim natural.

In an interview with Paris Match On November 16, the comedian returned to this physical change and immersion in the world of firefighters: "I was trained in the barracks, the firemen dignity immediately appealed to me, participated in the training, carried the equipment, climbed the rope and the famous plate at 2.40 m from earth, a symbolic test, "says the former Comédie-Française resident.

Pierre Niney took 10 pounds of muscle

To play Franck Pasquier, Pierre Niney not only gained weight and muscles, he explains in this interview: "I was working every day with a nutritionist and a trainer. 10kg of muscles The problem was that he had to lose for the second part of the film in which Franck was in the hospital, and therefore is physically lowered. For only 3 weeks I drank only juices.

Mars Films

Pierre Niney took and lost within a few weeks almost 10 pounds of muscle for the role.

Impressive transformations

This extremely fast physical transformation reminds others. In 2004, American actor Christian Bale forced him to lose nearly 30 pounds to incarnate Trevor Reznik's workman in Machinist. Kilos had to return quickly after filming, because he had to fill Batman's costume in the first movie of the Dark Knight trilogy just a few months later.

Fewer experiences, Pierre Niney still faced a big challenge in "Save or Lose" to play this firefighter ready to courage all the dangers of saving lives. In addition to following and gradually decreasing weight, she also had to take several hours of makeup for her role: "I also had 4 hours of daily makeup to mimic the effects of burned skin, it was intense," recalls the actor in the columns Paris Match,

Mars Films

In the movie Franck fireman is badly burned after a fire.

In the film by director Frédéric Tellier, the story of Frank swings when he wakes up in the Spaleny Velký treatment center. A severely burned face, the fireman will have to learn to save.

If you want to discover Pierre Niney's performance with Anais Demoustier in "Save or perish", you will have to wait until November 28, when the film will be featured in French cinemas.

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