Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rapper Mac Miller died of overdose


According to a doctor's report, it's a "toxic drug mix" that is the origin of Rapper's death.

Rapper Mac Miller, who was known for his compositions about President Donald Trump and heavy detachment from singer Ariane Grande, accidentally died after taking a mix of drugs and alcohol, the autopsy revealed. , A 26-year-old artist whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, was found at his home in Los Angeles on September 7. An investigation was launched to pinpoint the causes of his death.

According to a medical examiner report released on Monday, November 5, Mac Miller is a "toxic drug mixture" including fentanyl (a very strong opioid leading to the unprecedented wave of death in the United States), cocaine and alcohol. "Cause of death is accidental", writes the lawyer.

Mac Miller died a few months after completing his very public two-year relationship with Arianna Grande, who had sometimes considered her inspiration. In May, shortly after the collapse, he made a road accident and was accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He spoke openly about his problems with addictions, and said on the occasion of his August release of his fifth studio album, swimmingwas better and better.

In a document that was released in 2016, Mac Miller did not make any secret of his addictions, he recalls Hollywood Reporter: "I have risen, of course, I am still going to death, never stop, but control my life."

Malcolm McCormick, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has won the fame of publishing his music online as a teenager. His tracks had a minimalist sound with a strong rhythm that resembled the first hours of rap. In 2011, he wrote a song whose theme was "become immensely rich" and as a metaphor he was entitled "Donald Trump",

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